I would like to thank this office for the excellent dental care you have provided for my 5 children over the past 30+ years. I always enjoyed seeing and chatting with the wonderful ladies at the checkout desk. Everyone always went above and beyond in the care given and making us feel welcomed. Here is to the end of yet another chapter.

Lisa PA Furnace

My daughter was very nervous about her first appointment at your office. The girl that took her back was super sweet with her and made her a little more at ease by the time we were at the parent lounge. When she brought her back out, she was all smiles and said “I had a lot of fun!” Dr. Bob is always a sweet guy and explains things so thoroughly. He found something that rarely happens in young kids with her. He explained they would just be watching her closely and told us possibilities of what they may need to do in the future.

Krista W. from Kylertown PA

My son has been here twice now and loves it. His first time he had major work done! He hated going to the dentist because the family dentist he was going to was not kid friendly! He has done a complete change, now that he comes here. Can’t recommend this office enough to people and will continue!

Connie B

Our daughter can sometimes be a little combative or loud due to her conditions. They are always patient and understanding with her specific needs. They are not pushy and always manage to get complete dental care accomplished. We appreciate the warm environment for the other children while we wait. There are so many beautiful decorations and things to do. We had a blast in the little room finding all of the objects listed. The entrance and flooring within the building are very user-friendly for our daughters' mobility cart. The entire experience is calming and not something we dread.

Kelly W

This place is absolutely amazing!!! It's soooo hard to find a place to help our 11 yr old son, who not only has a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and autism, but off the charts sensory issues. Everyone at this facility went way above any beyond the challenge!!! You made us all feel comfortable and cared for. So happy we found you....thank you for all you do!!! Your efforts are appreciated, more than you will ever imagine!!!

Kristie M. - Lock Haven, PA

I would not take my boys any where else!! This place is amazing!! Ive been going here for about 10 years now and my oldest loved it and now my 2 year old is starting to go here now!!

Alicia E. - State College, PA

This is the greatest business I’ve ever visited. Dr. Kremser and the ladies there were fantastic and took the best care of our 1 year old son. We were there less than an hour, but in that time we received the best care imaginable. An X-ray and tooth extraction for our 1 year old went so smoothly I️ was astonished. The entire staff was so incredibly nice, professional, and accommodating I️ would make the drive every week if needed. Thank you all again.

Jake S. - Williamsport, PA

I just wanted to share the experience I had with Pediatric Dental Care. I have a 5 year old daughter. I took her to a couple other dentists first, and at both places she was scared. She had a chipped tooth that needed to be fixed and after bad experiences at two other offices, my dentist referred us to Pediatric Dental Care in State College, which is an hour away from our home. When I first spoke to them I told them that I wasn't sure my daughter would go back into the room without me; she's always right by my side. I was hesitant to keep the appointment but she needed it to be fixed soon. We arrived for her appointment and it was an amazing office; it's all done in jungle theme. I felt like I was sitting in a Florida hotel lobby. We went back with a lady to talk about the procedure. My daughter went with the assistant, back to the exam room without any problems. Then, her doctor (Dr Bob) came in and sat and talked with me. I asked him a ton of questions; he knew that I was nervous and worried about her. While my daughter was getting the laughing gas for the procedure, he allowed me to step inside the room where she was because I was a mess worrying about her. I thought that was so sweet and nice of him. After she was done, they gave her tokens to get prizes out of toy machines. She was so excited about this part! She never cried or anything, which made me so happy; she wasn't scared of the people or this place at all. It was worth the drive to come here! This will be my daughters new dentist. The whole staff is so nice and are an amazing group of people. They have gone above and beyond to make children and parents feel comfortable and want to be there. I can't say thank you enough for providing an awesome experience for both my daughter and me. I have never seen a doctors office like this in my life. Truly amazing what this office does."

Alisha P. - Allenwood, PA

Unfortunately, while skootering, my son knocked out his permanent front tooth, considerably moved another and significantly injured his upper lip. Immediately after the injury, I spoke with Dr. Matt Kremser who directed me to bring him right to the clinic. Dr. Kremser and Dr. Peter Jackson quickly began to stabilize my son's mouth in order to try and save his teeth. The dental skill and customer service my family received during this emergency was exceptional. My son was terrified. Dr. Kremser made what could have been a traumatic and terrible experience a manageable one. It is a testament to this office that my son does not fear dental care but is actually excited to see the progress he is making from follow up visit to follow up visit. I can not thank Pediatric Dental Care enough for the care that they have provided to my son. With three boys, this may not be our only dental emergency, but I know that my family is in great hands should we ever have another!

Reauelle King, MD State College, PA

My 5 year old son had an appointment there a month ago to have cavities filled; it was quite extensive work to be completed. I was actually referred to PDC over a year ago, but kept putting it off due to your policy of no parent allowed back. My son is a very shy boy and I knew it would be a waste of a trip (as we are coming from 2 hours away) because no way would he go back with anyone without me with him. I was very apprehensive even up to the day of the appointment. BUT, from the minute we got there it was almost as if he had been there before. He played. When it came his time, we went back in the room and talked to the nurse and it was time for him to go back. He cried one little tear as he was leaving, but I sat in the room crying and couldn’t stop. Doctor Matt came in to discuss the plan with me. I immediately asked him how he was doing, and he said, "much better than you, mom. Not a tear back there." I said what??? He said "I assure you he’s back there laughing with me, calling me names," etc. I immediately felt so much better. Once all the work was completed, and they brought my child back out to me, I could tell even though all the work he had just had completed, he was in great hands and had a great experience. When Dr Matt came back to check in on him (as he had laughing gas) I explained to him this very story. I am very glad I made the choice to bring him in and get past the no parents policy. I agree with this policy now 110% as I was originally against this 110% until this day. Thank you again for the great work, pride and joy you take in not just my son, but all the children. Much recommended.

Crystal B. Austin, PA

We love Pediatric Dental Care. We've been coming here the last 6 years since my daughter was 4, after having trouble with her at a general dentist. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a pediatric dentist. We have always had a great experience here. My daughter actually says that she wants to come to the dentist! It's really been a lifesaver for us, I don't know sure what we'd do without it. Thank you Dr. Bob & staff!

Brian State College, PA

I want to thank you and your staff for all of the services you have provided for the children that I have referred to your office. It's hard to believe that it's been close to 25 years since I first began sending children to you for care. You and your staff have had a big, positive impact on the oral health of many of my patients and you've done it in a kind and professional manner. I know that many of the people I see now as adult patients have far better oral health in large part because of your efforts. I can't thank all of you enough for everything you have done and continue to do.

Anthony Kibelbek, DMD Coalport, PA

When we moved to town 6 years ago it's never easy "getting established" with new doctors. When we asked most of our new friends and neighbors where their kids get their dental care, it was with PDC. My boys love Dr Matt! He is patient and honest with the kids, and gives them great care in a non-intimidating environment. As a physician when new patients ask me where they should take their kids, I tell them we have had nothing but excellent, professional, and personal care from Dr Matt and his team. Once we had a dental emergency and spoke directly with Dr Matt. I consider him and his office to be our friends in the community, not just a place my boys go to every 6 months.

Brian Jacobs DO, MBA, FAAFP Port Matilda, PA

Dr. Kremser & Staff, Just a note to say thank you for how well our daughter's last visit went. We look forward to working with you for years to come. Thanks again Dr. Kremser!

S.C. Lewistown, PA

Dr. Matt and Staff, We appreciate everyones thoughtfulness & kindness. Everyone was wonderful & comforting with my son. A special BIG THANK YOU to Dr. Matt. He was very caring and patient with our son. Dr. Matt turned a challenge into a success. He understood why our son was so scared. My husband and I thank Dr. Matt for his mannerism with, not only our son, but with us. He informed us on everything he was going to do & did. Dr. Matt definitely gained our son's trust & ours as well. We can't thank him enough for putting our son's fear of the dentist behind him.

S.O. Montoursville

Dr. Kilareski, Thank you so much for seeing my daughter, on emergency last week. I really appreciate you coming in on your day off. Her tooth looks great & she is not having any pain at all. I did not realize you could make her tooth look so much like the one she broke. She was so happy with her appearance she showed all of her friends!

BB Bellefonte

Dr. Kelly - It's hard to express words our sincere appreciation for the care you and your staff provided our son, during his recent appointment. We can tell it was a memorable experience by the way he has been showing off his "new" (capped) front teeth. He has renewed his morning and night preventative regime and takes extra care in what foods he is able to eat.

JK State College

My 2 year old had a great experience at Pediatric Dental Care! Dr. Bob was awesome, and made her feel totally at ease. All the games and prizes don't hurt either.

JV State College